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Welcome to Tyk Developer Portal! We support independent developers, start'ups and enterprises in creating innovative applications with our Tyk APIs and SDKs. Catapult your business model and join us in innovating digital progress around API management and beyond.


Our Use Cases

Learn more about our use cases in order to understand if our APIs suits your business model

Build for consumers

Use our APIs to help your business listen, act, and discover, in order to understand your customer’s needs.

Build for business

Build for people on within your organisation to integrate or improve their experience on the platform.


Use our APIs to get historical and real-time data points for your next research project.

Getting Started

Here’s a step-by-step guide accessing our API Products

  1. Register / Sign in
  2. Browse API products in the catalogue
  3. Add one or more products to the cart
  4. Complete checkout and request access
  5. Wait for approval (you will get an email once approved)
  6. Manage your App and access credentials

Register / Sign in

To access the API products and retrieve access credentials, please register to the developer portal.

Browse API Products in the catalogue

In the catalogue you can browse different API Products, filter between different catalogues and categories.

Add one or more API products to the cart

One or more API products can be added cart as long as they are of the same auth type.

Complete checkout and request access

Follow the step-by-step process in the cart in order to request access to an API product.

Wait for approval (you will get an email once approved)

When an access request has been sent, you may need to await approval. The status of the request can be in the app under 'My Apps’.

Manage your app and access credentials

When the request is approved, the credentials are issued and you can view them in the specific app under ‘My Apps’.

About Tyk

Tyk is trusted by startups, government and highly-regulated enterprises alike. Our open source API Gateway is fast, scalable and modern. We offer an API Management Platform with an API Gateway, API Analytics, Dev Portal and Dashboard.

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Our Partners

We’re partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands